LUMEN - ambient room #4

PREMIERE: 6.11.2020 @IP Studio 

︎ video documentation

Concept & implementation: IP Group [Dominika Kluszczyk, Jakub Lech, Bogumił Misala] + Ania Haudek []
Sensors: Robert Adamski
Graphic design: Ania Haudek
Organizer: IP Group Foundation

The project was financed by the Municipality of Wroclaw |

The human mind is only capable of absorbing a few things at a time. We see what is taking place in front of us in the here and now, and cannot envisage simultaneously a succession of processes, no matter how integrated and complementary.
Our faculties of perception are consequently limited even as regards fairly simple phenomena.
/ Stanisław Lem, Solaris

The immersive environment is based on the novel “Solaris” by Stanisław Lem and sees itself as a cognitive experiment that employs a series of beams of light to induce perceptual illusions and, hence, trace convincing synesthetic portrayals of phenomena on an alien planet. All those who set foot in LUMEN traverse an emotional space between physical, real, virtual, and imaginary experience. In short: The multidimensional installation triggers a sensory encounter.

LUMEN is the 4th edition of the cyclical Ambient Room project carried out at IP Studio - an open studio and creative space run by the IP Group artistic collective. In their work, the authors analyze selected media aspects, designing multidimensional immersive environments. The next edition of the project is planned for 2022.

6.10.2022-9.10.2022 PachtLab, Kraków PL
29.09.2022-9.10.2022 Pochen Biennale, Chemnitz DE
25-29.05.2022 ADAF 2022, Athens GR
8-16.10.2021 Musao 2021, Vienna AT
29.09-1.10.2021 Vienna Design Week Vienna AT
12.06.2021 Ruska 46 Fest, Wroclaw PL

6.11.2020 MFF New Horizons & AFF, Wroclaw PL