LAYERS - space & sound installation as exhibition design

space & sound installation
PREMIERE: 2.09.2020
IP Studio 

Concept and implementation:
Ania Haudek + IP Group
Curator: Maciej Bujko
Graphic design: Ania Haudek []
Photos: Lila Leń
Festival: TIFF Festival Worlds

Referring to the title cave, layers creates a sensitive spatial and sound environment for the exhibition.
The installation consists of twenty planes reproducing 3D space. It is an attempt to process a natural phenomenon using digital tools. Blocks made of polystyrene foam, a material used in construction, highlight the fragile and synthetic nature of our contemporary habitat. Layers is a variation on the theme of perceiving natural formations through the prism of their degradation process in the urban ecosystem. An organic form is reflected in an artificial material. This presentation is far from a romantic description of nature, but rather a critique of the contemporary urban cave, stuffy, schematic and imperfect. The transposition of the three-dimensional micro-world of the cave onto a group of flat surfaces leads to a collision between geometric shapes and their morphic reflection. The architectural perspective collides with the organic environment. In turn, the layers themselves resonate with the contemplation of change over time, a documentation of process, a record of transformation.
The work is inspired by Florian Amoser's photographs, Quantified Landscape, presented in the exhibition.