ifthenelse - ambient room #5

PREMIERE: 13.08.2021 @IP Studio

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Concept & implementation: IP Group [Dominika Kluszczyk, Jakub Lech, Bogumił Misala] + Ania Haudek [haudek.pl]
Graphic design: Ania Haudek
Organizer: IP Group Foundation

The project was financed by the Municipality of Wroclaw | wroclaw.pl

  Contrariwise, continued Tweedledee,
if it was so, it might be; and if it were so, it would be: but as it isn’t, it ain’t.
Lewis Carroll, Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There

ifthenelse is an interactive immersive environment created based on the principles of conditional statement, extremely common in most programming languages. To execute a given block of code, a certain condition must be met, otherwise an alternative block is executed. In this case, the possibility of conditional decision-making is given to the participants of the event. Located in the IP Studio space, by discovering the rules of interaction, they activate a sequence of audio-visual dependencies, thus influencing the development of a non-linear, multi-threaded narrative. The progress of the situation and the shape of the Ambient Room depends on the given decisions of the participants. Otherwise…

ifthenelse is the 5th edition of the cyclical Ambient Room project carried out at IP Studio - an open studio and creative space run by the IP Group artistic collective. In their work, the authors analyze selected media aspects, designing multidimensional immersive environments. The next edition of the project is planned for 2022.