ECHO - space & sound installation for the 40th Stage Song Review

space & sound installation
PREMIERE: 22. 03.2019
Capitol Theatre 
as a part of the 40th anniversary edition of the Stage Songs Review

Authors: IP Group (Bogumił Misala, Jakub Lech, Piotr Choromański)
Project coordinator: Dominika Kluszczyk [IP]
Collaboration: Fanni Mayer
Programming of lights: Jakub Frączek

Echo is an installation based on archival materials from the 40-year history of the Stage Songs Review. Audio and video recordings are used to create an alternative space built from multiplied fragments of memories, free references and available traces. Through interventions in several venues of the Capitol Theatre, the installation creates an immersive environment in which what is recalled resounds in a new configuration.

The Song Interpretation Contest, the three-stage competition organized in Poland since 1976, devoted to young singers. This is the axis and heart of the festival. The first qualifying rounds, without the audience, take place before the festival, and we will see their effect at the beginning of the Review. The last stage of the competition is the Finale, followed by the jury’s verdict and the awards.