DISCHARGE - ambient room #6

PREMIERE: 22.07.2022 @IP Studio

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Concept & implementation: IP Group [Dominika Kluszczyk, Jakub Lech, Bogumił Misala]
Graphic design: Malwina Hajduk
Organizer: IP Group Foundation

The project was financed by the Municipality of Wroclaw | wroclaw.pl

  You can’t depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus / M. Twain

In DISCHARGE we look at the energy flow process. We study the relation between tension and relaxation, energy accumulation and its dissipation.
We observe from up close and from a distance a phenomena during which various tensions are discharged.
In the IP Studio we design an experience that oscillates between what is directly given and mediated. We create a synesthetic immersive environment of discharge, a place where energy is released, a sound-visual landscape created from the excess of accumulated power.

DISCHARGE is the 6th edition of the cyclical Ambient Room project carried out at IP Studio - an open studio and creative space run by the IP Group artistic collective. In their work, the authors analyze selected media aspects, designing multidimensional immersive environments. The next edition of the project is planned for 2023.

22-31.07.2022 IFF New Horizons, Wroclaw PL
12-13.11.2022 Watermans, Brentford UK