BLACK SUN - auditive cinema - 

expanded storytelling
PREMIERE: 24.07.2015
Polski Theatre in Wrocław

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Text: Anka Herbut
Music: Bogumił Misala
Director: Łukasz Twarkowski
Spatial design: Piotr Choromański
Actors of Polski Theatre in Wrocław
Project manager: Dominika Kluszczyk
Video documentation: Jakub Lech
Graphic design: Fabien Lédé

Organizer: IP Group Foundation | The project was financed by the Municipality of Wroclaw |

BLACK SUN is a celebration of audio cinema. The sense of sight is switched off as the audience is exposed to sounds and speech only. There is no screen in this cinema. No image either, just darkness. Imagination makes up for the missing stimuli, opening doors to hallucinations, delusions and fantasies. The sun is blinding. When you look at it too long, you will finally see its negative under closed eyes. Whatever was there is now gone. It is dark and empty. Suddenly, the Black Sun blinds you. Words become psychoactive. Memories break free.

I look at the black sun. It burns inside out. I outline it with an imaginary dotted line, but it pours into my pupils anyway, going further, deeper inside. I reach my empty spaces. Nothing could be more terrifying. Every fear has its limit there. The mind stops reacting. Only the body reacts. Let the black light, the black absence now fall on me and crush me, bury me, flood me. I keep turning towards it. I always come too close. I’d like to see all this one more time. / fragment from the Black Sun by Anka Herbut